Federation of Lakes of Val-des-Monts, 14 November 2005 Meeting Highlights
Joyce Harpell

Joyce Harpell represented ALBA at the bi-monthly meeting held at the Municipal Offices.

Benoit Olivier gave a verbal report regarding the 2005 Septic Sludge Measuring Program. 423 sites were visited this year - this includes 40 island sites on Grand, Dam and MacGregor. Twelve sites are in need of modification and or replacement. It is the responsibility of the 12 property owners to have their sites inspected by either an engineer or technician within 30 days of being notified of the problem by the MVDM. A letter from either the engineer or technician must be received by the MVDM before a certificate of compliance is issued.

The contract for Recycle and Garbage pickup has been awarded to Du Marchelle commencing January 1st 2006.

The Pesticide/Fertilizer by-law is under study by MVDM lawyers. It was the intention of the Municipality to ban both; however, the wording is not clear regarding all fertilizer.

Julien Croteau, Councillor Ward #4, confirmed there will be money in the 2006 municipal budget for environment issues. Whether this money comes from the operation budget or some sort of special environmental tax is open for discussion. The budget will be tabled this week with approval slated for either December 5th or 12th.

The second issue of Echos of Our Lakes, the Federation newsletter, will be mailed to all residents of Val-des-Monts by the end of November.

The next Federation meeting is slated for January 10th 2006.

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